1. Do I require a referral?

Referrals are not required. But if you have a referral from your GP, then please bring it with you so that we can send a copy of the histopathology results to your GP.

Please remember to bring your regular medications for your appointment.

2. What do I need bring for consultation?

Please bring  your medicare care, Pension card, Health care card or DVA card.

Try to avoid facial makeup as it can be difficult to appreciate subtle changes in the moles. 

Please remember to bring a list of your current medications

3. Is it required to undress during skin cancer check?

It is advisable to undress down to undergarments for a thorough full skin cancer check.  Disposable gowns/chaperones can be arranged upon request. However, you do not need to undress if you just want a few particular spots checked.

4. How long does a skin cancer check take?

Typically 15 – 30 min. But it can be longer or shorter depending on your skin cancer type, past skin cancer history, and a number of suspicious moles that need to be examined. So, please arrive early and allow adequate time to be seen by the skin cancer doctor.

5. Will I get general anaesthetic?

No. Most surgical procedures can be performed under local anesthetic. You will be referred for hospital admission in rare situations requiring a general anesthetic.

6. Do I need to fast for surgery?

No, all the surgeries are performed under local anesthetic. So you do not need to fast. In fact, we encourage you to eat well before you come for surgery.

Our Core Values and Mission

Evidence-based medicine – Proven treatments – Affordable – Best possible cosmetic outcome – Ongoing follow-up and care of your skin