Total Body Photography (TBP)


The IntelliStudio brings cutting-edge automated total body mapping technology and Artificial Intelligence to Castle Hill

This state-of-the-art equipment combines high powered full-body photography, sequential digital dermatoscopy imaging and artificial intelligence. It is recommended by key worldwide skin cancer specialists for monitoring high-risk patients so it is very fitting that it should be readily available in our suburb Castle Hill
It does not replace accredited skin cancer doctors as their trained eye is still very much needed to assess dermatoscopic images of suspect skin spots. However, by accurately marking all new and changed lesions the IntelliStudio makes the job of our skin cancer doctors much easier.
Using a 50-megapixel camera with 400 times magnification and artificial intelligence, the IntelliStudio will help us document your entire skin and track changes to individual skin spots over time so we can detect skin cancers as soon as possible and help save lives when it comes to melanomas.

The Importance of Change

The single most important distinction between melanomas and normal moles is that melanomas change in size, shape or colour whereas normal moles are stable. Your skin cancer doctor will ask you if you have noticed any change in spots on your skin to help with early detection of skin cancers. Often, as patients, we are unable to provide useful information about change because of having lots of skin spots or because the spot is in a place that we cannot easily see. With large numbers of moles monitoring becomes even more difficult and unfortunately the more moles we have, the higher our risk of melanoma.

The Solution

T Many melanomas appear as a new spot whilst some begin from a pre-existing mole. Often these changes are too subtle early on for a doctor to confidently diagnose melanoma. However follow up photography with use of the IntelliStudio artificial intelligence provides a reliable way to assess whether a change has occurred allowing much earlier detection of a developing melanoma.

Over 1700 Australians die each year from melanoma.

However, melanoma is nearly always curable if detected early. How can we ensure that we survive this preventable form of cancer?

We need to monitor our skin for any suspicious changes. This includes change in size, colour or symmetry of existing moles and the appearance of new spots that persist for more than a few weeks on the skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who should have total body photography?

Living under the harsh Australian sun, your risk of melanoma is much greater than elsewhere in the world. This is especially true if you have more than 100 moles, have already had a melanoma or have 2 or more close relatives (parents, siblings, or children) who have had melanoma. Experts advise that people in these high-risk groups benefit from total body photography for early melanoma detection.

Please bear in mind that the photographs are an aid to medical follow-up, not a replacement.

2. What happens during the IntelliStudio photographic Session?

  • The photographic session takes 15 to 20 minutes.
  • A controlled studio environment is used to take all the body photographs.
  • Normal photographic lighting is used and there is no harmful lighting or any X-rays used.

3. Will my privacy be respected?

  • Maximum client privacy is ensured at all stages.
  • You do not need to remove your underwear. To maximise the quality of the photographs, we suggest that underwear is a neutral colour (preferably grey or skin toned) and of a brief style leaving as much skin surface exposed as possible.

IntelliStudio®: A fully-automated solution for clinical images in medical and aesthetic practices

Tell me more about the IntelliStudio photographs

The IntelliStudio total body photography includes 22 image sets taken with a 50 megapixel camera allowing 400 times magnification that shows incredible detail of your skin surface, moles and skin spots.
IntelliStudio total body photography can be repeated every 5 years for lower risk people OR before every skin check if you are at higher risk of a melanoma. Comparison of your images over time will allow your Skin Repair skin cancer doctor to instantly identify all new and changed skin spots with the assistance of the IntelliStudio inbuilt artificial intelligence.
The addition of very detailed IntelliStudio dermoscopic images of individual skin spots of concern (requested either by yourself or your skin cancer doctor) will take your skin surveillance to whole new level of precision.

Please let us know if you are interested in getting Total Body Photography.

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