Full body skin checkup involves careful examination of your skin under bright light and dermatoscope. Usually underwear areas are not examined unless there is any concern and patient wishes to have the areas examined. Disposable gowns are available.

Dermlite dermatoscope has evolved as the instrument of choice for the world’s leading skin cancer experts. Precision-engineered and crafted from solid aluminium, it is the first handheld DermLite to integrate a 25mm four-element lens, which offers greatly reduced optical distortion and a sharper image across the field of view.

Twenty-one high-powered LEDs produce approximately 30% more illumination in cross-polarized mode to create a brighter image. In other words, it means that your Doctor can see all your moles and spots more closely and monitor any changes that happen more easily.

Where necessary moles are monitored with Derm-engine (new technology that is used to take photographs of the moles that can be stored to monitor interval changes for short, medium and long term)

Shave biopsy, punch biopsy and Incision biopsy - taking small sample of suspicious mole for further processing and microscopic examination by some of the best dermatopathologists in the country
Removal of suspicious moles by excision biopsy to rule out high risk skin cancers like melanomas


The type of treatment can range from simple freezing or using creams to treating with flap or skin graft. It depends on multiple factors such as size, thickness, location, type, subtype of cancer
We offer:
Excision of skin cancers and closure of defects by side to side closure, Flaps, split thickness skin grafts and full thickness skin grafts where required
Cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen for Actinic Keratosis
Cautery and Curettage: used to treat early small superficial skin cancers, cancer is scrapped off and the base burnt with the help of electrocautery/diathermy
Non-surgical treatment: Topical chemotherapy/immunotherapy. Solaraze, Effudix, Aldara, Picato etc
Photodynamic therapy (PDT) for sun damage, pre cancerous lesions and early carcinomas

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